Audrey Anderson


Artist Statement / Synopsis of work

Synopsis by Audrey Anderson Context: taxi from Berea to Newtown, Johannesburg and back, driven by Japhet Matimbe

Commute Quest, is the result of a route of a lived South African expedition in a banal daily commute. The concept of the work came from my love of being a passenger instead of a driver. Although pubic transport in its many forms can be tedious, difficult and at times, scary, there are some positive elements. A window to gaze through, affording the opportunity to be a spectator. There is a type of commuting community, a daily travelled experience that can become a once in a lifetime conversation or network connection or a life changing realization. As an Artist my daily commute is not regular and I miss out on the subtleties one would experience from the travel pattern of long term daily commuting. For this reason I choose to be a spectator to someone else’s daily taxi commute. I asked a man[1]. I see everyday to record his daily commute on an instant film camera. This interpretation of another’s point of view through visual queue’s, become an alternative traveling route for my eyes.

Looking through the images I got a sense of a being on a quest. The series of images seemed like he was taking notes of daily travel elements. I saw, places and times that where dark and quiet, as well as heavy traffic, noisy hustle and bustle. The photographs became my taxi windows and a road to travel on for my eyes. The work started as drawings on bits and piece paper like I would if I where taking notes on a journey. Choosing different types of mark making to capture a mood of a moment. As the collection of notes got greater, a new narrative started to form. The work took shape as a process of reading images taken from a daily commuting quest. The paper sketch narrative ends with him exiting the taxi leaving the quest behind him.

[1] The work is meant to be a simula on of taking a trip where some one else is in control of my visual route. Unlike a tourist with a tour guide, I only have my own traveling experience to extract meaning from. Even though the process of the work was decidedly treated like an anonymous trip. I thought it relevant to give you a short pro le of my eye driver:

Japheth Ma mbe works as a co ee roaster in Newtown and lives in Berea, next to Hillbrow. He travels every day by taxi to work and walks from park sta on to work. He has been in South Africa for a few years. He rst worked as a small car- pentry business owner in Durban later when business started losing pro t he found work as a barrister. He grew up on a co ee farm in Zimbabwe and le when ZANO PF took the farm over to plant maze.



Audrey Anderson – Winner Biography

Audrey Anderson was born in Sunnyside, Pretoria, South Africa. She completed a BA Fine Arts (honors) degree at the University of Pretoria specializing in narrative drawing and graphic novel concepts. After studying she worked for 6 months as a junior art director in Dubai on the Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah project. Audrey returned to South Africa and found work as a manager and curator at an art gallery in Pretoria. Her first exhibition after graduation hap- pen in 2008 at Gordart Gallery– Rain forest project space in Johannesburg. Thereafter she has participated in project space exhibitions and group shows in Galleries, Art Fairs, Basements, Apartments, Art Studios and other public spaces internationally and locally. Audrey also worked part-time at VANSA as their communications coordinator from 2009 - 2013. She also worked as a freelance illustrator, commissioned mostly by Design agencies and Publishing houses. In 2013 she participated in an on going artist development project supported by Nando’s and Spier, this afforded her the opportunity to change her art practice from part-time to a full-time. She is currently working full time as artist at Assemblage, a collective studio space in Newtown, Johannesburg.